Application Development, Data Analysis and Management Solutions for Small Business and Enterprise Environments


We specialize in custom application development as well as state of the art data acquisition, analysis and management systems. We utilize cutting edge technology with a focus on individual business needs.


Our data solutions enable our clients to achieve maximum business performance and efficiency. We specialize in allowing our clients to integrate external data systems with their own, harnessing more information to drive growth.


We implement secure and reliable hosting solutions as well as advanced integration and deployment techniques to virtually eliminate application downtime. Our infrastructure is highly scaleable, suiting small static sites through high-volume enterprise solutions.


Gladius Development is an application development and data management company located in South-Central Wisconsin. We have created everything from Real-Time Stock Market Data Acquisition Services to Residential Mortgage Data Warehouses, as well as company websites and blogs. We are proud to offer our services to regional and remote clients throughout the United States.


Our solutions are generally based upon the Microsoft technology stack including .NET, .NET Core, SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services and Power Business Intelligence, with proven experience implementing solutions in private and public sectors. We have the capability to produce in-application reporting mechanisms as well as structured reports.

Gladius thrives on automating the processes of software development, testing, and release management so that we can deliver software faster and more reliably. We unite the concepts of agile development, continuous integration and delivery, and automation to deliver reliable, high value products that allow you to innovate faster.
Business intelligence and analytics are at the core of growth and efficiency. Market leaders continue to make analytics a top priority when making operational and mission decisions. Gladius implements cutting edge technologies, industry standard best practices, and high performance solutions that improve decisions to optimize business performance.
Mission critical priorities require a roadmap for success. Many businesses require independant support to assess opportunities and propose solutions that overcome the challenges they face. We are prepared to analyze current business processes and extract valuable insights to provide actionable recommendations that will optimize business efficiency.
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Please feel free to contact us any time with any questions you may have. We provide service to individuals and companies alike.

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